Sunday, April 22, 2018

Storyboard Media Maker

This is a quick How-To for making pseudo Storyboard Art.

Creative artists are being asked to develop media or to be involved with extended productions more and more. For social media, for animations and video you may easily find yourself facing the challenge of preparing a storyboard, you have the ideas but you really can't draw and you really can't say you can't.

Enter in, Storyboard Maker. Show your out of the box thinking by using smart phone camera, or stock images or existing art and skip the drawing.

This script for Photoshop or Elements takes all the random lighting and looks and creates uniform images to put in a storyboard layout.

And its FREE.

You just have an image open in the application, open the script and fist-bump you're done.

PencilPixels, scripts, Photoshop, Elements, Storyboard

It is as simple as that.
Get it at 

If you like to see the indepth video tutorial,

Make an even better impression on the creative team or marketing with the Storyboard Media Styles Maker. Use the included 19 presets or customize the Photoshop/Elements layers for your own look.
And its Not FREE. 
That's how I can stay home and write blogs and come up with all the Pencil Pixels effects.

PencilPixels, scripts, Photoshop, Elements, Storyboard

Get it at 

The tutorial for The extended version is at